Introducing the Premium Blushield Edition made to last. High quality Durilium Alloy crafted into a timeless creation that will last for years to come.

For those who deserve the very best.

Available in Cube and Portable models only.

Premium Series Portable

This New Durilium Alloy Portable model is the Premium equivalent of the standard White ABS Portable

Premium Series Portable comes in a Carbon Black alloy case featuring a 500mAH rechargeable battery. It is recommended for use where medium powered microwave radiation pervades the local vicinity. The Premium Portable will protect in the 0-40Ghz range (lower 5G) and the higher 5G frequencies 40GHz-300GHz range.
The Premium Portable can be recharged using the USB cable provided, at any computer or USB adapter charger. This Portable model is for use outside your plugin protected area and is not intended for use inside your home or office as a substitute for the plugin or larger models as it does not offer the same level of protection.

The Premium Portable model is designed for short outings or travel between protected zones in order to keep one balanced and protected without experiencing the contrast associated with going from one protected zone to another. It is not water resistant and needs to be in your pocket or purse and used between protected zones, not as a stand-alone protection device. The Premium Portable is great for people who travel a lot in electric trains or who drive electric vehicles. For protecting a large area the Premium Series Cube model would be the better choice. Use the Tesla Gold Series Auto in your car or SUV.

Designed for portable travel protection
Premium Portable in Carbon Black alloy case
Airplane safe
Coverage 6m
3G, 4G, 4G+ Protection
Premium Durilium Case
Size 100mm x 60mm x 10mm, Weight 100g
500mAH rechargeable battery
Charge lasts an average of 30 days
Uses multiple scalar waveform outputs
May reduce fatigue from EMF
Helps maintain a level of alertness
Enables restful sleep while traveling
Comes with USB charging cable
Charges via any USB charging plug or mobile charger

Designed for portable use

Coverage 6 m

Airplane safe

Enables restful sleep

Protect at home or Office with very high EMF


Premium Series Cube model comes in Carbon Black. One Cube is recommended per home or Office with very high EMF. Homes or Offices within 1km or line of sight of a cell phone tower, smart meters or a large number of Wi-Fi routers. One cube is recommended for each floor for high rise apartments, workplace, and schools. Coverage of 90m in all directions. This new multi-wave scalar waveform configuration offers the best protection to date from radio frequency radiation and 5G.

Some people will experience a minor detox while initially using this product, and some will not. This may be due to the release of stress on the body from EMF and also the immune system may normalize. We recommend you purchase a Premium Series Portable model to carry with you when you are away from your home or office. This will maintain a level of protection when away from your protected zone.

The plug may not go all the way into the socket this is normal and will have no effect on the performance or function. Forcing the plug into the socket may cause damage. Forcing the plug causing damage to the socket is not covered under warranty.

Designed for high rise Apartments, Workplace, Home and School


This New Durilium Alloy Cube model is the Premium equivalent of the standard White ABS Cube

Designed for Homes Offices and Large areas
Premium cube in Carbon Black
Coverage 180m
Premium Durilium Case
Size 100mm x 100mm x 115mm
Weight 750g
Uses multiple scalar waveform outputs
Great for homes and offices where EMF is high
The best protection from microwave radiation
May reduce fatigue associated with EMF
Promotes emotional stability
Enables restful sleep
May increase energy levels
Comes with 12V power brick in various plug types

Designed for Homes Offices and Large areas

Coverage 180 m

Uses multiple scalar waveform outputs

Enables restful sleep