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C1 Cube Choose Your Bundle

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The C1 Ultimate Cube 5G is the most powerful Blushield 5G EMF Protection device. Bundle with the T1 Ultimate Portable 5G for powerful, portable active 5G protection on the go.

From: $2,443.50 $2,715.00 Price with HST:$2,761.16

C1 Ultimate Cube 5G

Our most powerful Blushield 5G EMF Protection device. The Collectors Edition C1 Limited Edition Cube is also in stock.

$1,957.50 $2,175.00 Price with HST:$2,211.98

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T1 Ultimate Portable 5G

The latest in 5G protection on the go: Introducing the T1 Ultimate Portable 5G.  Coverage is 5m or 16.4 foot in all directions. Tiny, powerful, portable active 5G protection.

$486.00 $540.00 Price with HST:$549.18 each

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Portable Pouch

Genuine leather pouch to protect all Blushield Portable models. Protect your cells, protect your Portable!

C1 Cube Choose Your Bundle Discount Pack

Grab your personalized Blushield Bundle with 1 pc. C1 Cube and as many of the T1 Portables as you need for yourself and your family at a discount!


C1 Ultimate Cube 5G (1 pc.)

The C1 Ultimate Cube 5G represents the most powerful active EMF protection technology yet available. The  C1 Cube is designed for people living in densely populated areas or anyone who needs maximum coverage area.

Providing an impressive coverage area of 120 meters (393 ft) in all directions from the device, the C1 is great for large homes or situations where one requires protection far outside of their dwelling.

The C1 Ultimate Cube 5G model comes in a blue alloy case that is table mounted via a 3M soft pad. The Ultimate Cube model protects an area up to 120 meters in every direction and is suitable for use in high 5G areas. This model boasts a unique delivery system, unlike previous model versions. Its effectiveness for 5G is unparalleled to anything on the global market.

The C1 Ultimate Cube 5G model can be used to protect you wherever there is high-powered microwave radiation from WIFI or other related microwave output devices including 5G arrays and smart meters. Best suited when 5G antenna masts or arrays are within close proximity within 1km. This is ideal for commercial office spaces, factories, hospitals, and schools.

The C1 Ultimate Cube 5G will protect from 3G 4G 4G+ and 5G. The C1 Ultimate Cube 5G is recommended for use where high-powered microwave radiation pervades the local vicinity. The waveform is suitable for intense 5G areas where many arrays of aerials are nearby. (Check out the Canadian Antenna Search website, or Rogers 5G Map to zoom into your area and find out where those towers are).

T1 Ultimate Portable 5G (Choose your own quantity at a 10% discount)

The latest in 5G protection on the go! Introducing the T1 Ultimate Portable 5G. Made from premium zinc alloy, this model is next level in quality and protection standard covered in a thick layer of protective chromium, the T1 Ultimate Portable 5G is guaranteed to give you years of quality use. Crafted using the latest technology, we have produced the finest finish. The T1 Portable will protect from 3G 4G 4G+ and 5G between protected zones.

The T1 comes with its own USB C cord to enable the best charge time of up to 3 hours, use any standard mobile phone charger or plug into your USB port on your computer to charge. The T1 Ultimate Portable 5G model is for use outside your B1/C1 protected area and is not intended for use inside your home or office as a substitute for the B1 Cube and C1 Cube models.

For those who want a slightly smaller and lighter Ultimate Portable with the best mobile protection with the same strength and range as the U1 Portable, the T1 is your tiny solution to 5G protection on the go.

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