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Want to enjoy the beautiful summer weather but looking to reduce the number of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on the go? 

We have heard from our customers that they have experienced some minor to large effects from EMF even when on the go. Some small effects could be fatigue or trouble sleeping, while others have been feeling much more profound effects that impact their daily lives. Customers tell us that they just want to enjoy their time in the great outdoors without worrying about EMF exposure. Once they have their full mains-powered Blushield energy sanctuary set up in their home and office, they look for more protection on the go. That’s why Blushield has come up with a variety of travel and on-the-go products that can accompany you anywhere you need to be.

Potential Health Risks from EMF Radiation

The potential health impact of these EMF can be great and are not well-known to the public. 

There are countless health studies relating to electromagnetic radiation (EMR), toxicology reports and even epidemiology and cancer studies about the negative effects of EMF.

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Common Exposure To EMF Radiation

Everything from your mobile phone, wifi systems, Bluetooth, power lines, and basically anything connected to the internet can potentially add to the risk of EMF radiation.

So, how do you reduce the amount of EMF while on the go?

1. Distance is your friend! 

Keep your cell phone away from your head and your body. Use the speaker on your phone unless you have an AirTube Headset which eliminates radio frequencies from entering your brain in headphone wires. Try not to carry your cell phone on your body.

2. Power down your devices

If you are worried about the constant electromagnetic radiation continuing, be sure to turn off devices if not needed. This will help lower exposure while helping you enjoy the environment around you.

3. Change your phone to airplane mode

If you are not using your smartphone, one of the easiest ways to reduce EMF on your phone is by putting your phone in airplane mode. That will cut the communication with your wi-fi and help limit your exposure when you are on the go.

4. Stay away from using Bluetooth wireless earbuds

You can use the Mono or Stereo AirTube Headset to help keep the Bluetooth signals away from your head. Just replacing Bluetooth earbuds can help almost completely reduce EMF exposure to susceptible areas of the body such as the brain.

5. Wear a Low Radiation Cap

One of our most popular products at Blushield is our Blushield Low Radiation Cap, this hat helps reduce environment-based EMF exposure, mobile EMF exposure from your smartphone and something very easy to wear for that added production. It provides that extra bit of protection and a sense of quiet when EMF is low or if you are around things like power lines.

6. Use Portable Blushield Products To Help Combat EMF Radiation

By using our products, you are able to reduce the negative effects of EMF Radiation in your home, office or on the go. Blushield uses scalar waves to deliver the Blushield natural frequencies that our bodies prefer to EMF. Our Portable products cover 4G and even the recent 5G exposures as well. Most of our Blushield portable products are simple to set up! Just charge them at home or in your car, turn them on, and you are protected! 

7. Use our New Auto Model

Our new Blushield Gold Series Auto model will keep your long trips smooth so you arrive feeling refreshed. The Auto model is the same strength as the Plugin (our entry-level mains powered Blushield) and covers 15m in all directions. This takes the pressure off the multiple sources of EMF’s in today’s autos from Bluetooth, sensors, and radar when on the go.

As you can see there are plenty of easy ways you can protect yourself from potentially harmful EMF exposures. A lot of the solutions we have at Blushield complement your daily life and making exposure to EMF more worry-free. Whether it’s adding our AirTube headset, simply wearing our popular Low Radiation Cap, carrying a portable EMF protection device in your bag or your pocket, or plugging in our Auto model, you know you will be protected from the ongoing and increasing amount of EMF exposure we have around us.

If you have any particular questions about our devices, be sure to contact us today and we can assist you with your choice of the right Blushield product for you.

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