Which Blushield device?

Which Blushield EMF Device Is Right For Me? 2

Which Blushield EMF Device Is Right For Me?

With over 30 years of experience, Blushield has been designing and developing a variety of products to meet various Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) protection needs to complement the lifestyles of the people who are affected by the inescapable invisible influence of EMF. Find out which Blushield EMF device is right for you!

If you’ve browsed through the list of our Blushield product options before, you’ve probably noticed there are several options for at-home and office-based models, several options for portables, and even a plugin for your car.

So, which Blushield product is right for you?

Here is our product guide to help you decide which Blushield product is right for you.

1. Where Do You Need Blushield EMF Protection The Most?

The first step is being aware of your environment and what’s around it.

Are you in an office space? Spend most of your time at the computer at home? On the go a lot for your work? These are important questions to determine which Blushield EMF product is right for you. Whether it be a smaller form factor, like a U1 Portable, something you wear like our Low Radiation Cap, or something more robust for the office, like a Premium Ultra.

Use a router or nest at home or office? The EMF is likely in the extreme level for human safety at all times. If you are a cell phone user (who is not nowadays, but that is another discussion) check the number of WiFi signals that show up in your home or workspace. More than 3 or 4 would indicate that you should use a more powerful Blushield model than our entry-level Plugin.

So, based on the above, where do you need your Blushield product the most?

2. What Is The Amount of Blushield EMF Protection You Need?

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) strength varies depending on your area. Are you in a city, suburbs, or rural area?

Each environment is likely to have different EMF strengths based on where you are located around them. More densely populated areas have more cell towers, making it likely to have more EMF protection you may need (Check out the Canadian Antenna Search website, Rogers 5G Map or the nPerf map to zoom into your area and find out where those towers are).

Click To See Towers Near You

Here is a quick guide on what kind of Blushield active protection you may need:

If You Live In The City:

Likely to have stronger 3G, 4G, 4G+ and soon to be 5G and 6G towers nearby, Smart meters, and multiple wirelesses and telecommunication frequencies ,we suggest our more powerful Blushield models.

If You Live In The Suburbs:

Could be a mix of 4G, 4G+ and commercial sites, powerlines, and more to come with 5G small cell repeaters, our mid-line models will provide excellent EMF protection.

If You Live In A Rural Area:

Likely to have more cell towers, 4G signals and 5G roughed in, our entry-level models will offer sufficient EMF protection.

3. How much space would you like to protect from EMF with your Blushield?

Once you have decided what kind of EMF protection you need, next it’s important to determine who and how many people it’s for.

If you are an individual looking for more EMF protection, you have some options:

Individual Blushield Products To Fit With Your Lifestyle

Perfect active Blushield EMF protection devices for individuals, couples, and students living in condos, apartments, bungalows, or just working their desk at the office.

Perfect for couples, families, or a team at the office.

4. Need 5G Protection?

If you are living in the city, suburbs, and close to a 5G tower or small cell 5G repeater, here are products that provide powerful 5G EMF protection for different situations.

Looking for a high 5G EMF level protection device from Blushield?

5. For High and Extreme Blushield EMF Protection

Are you sensitive to EMF? We also have products that provide protection for High and Extreme EMF situations both at home, at the office, and while traveling.

Extreme EMF Blushield Protection Devices

Whether you are working from home, out for a walk, working at the office, traveling in your car, or going to school, we have a variety of different products fro which to choose. With the rise of wireless, 5G, and an increased number of electronic devices around us at all times, it’s great to know that you can be protected from harmful EMF radiation everywhere you go. Be sure to click the links above to explore and read more about which Blushield EMF device is right for you and your lifestyle. Let Blushield minimize the effects of EMF radiation in your life while you continue enjoying it.

If you have a particular situation or have any additional questions about which device is right for you or the coverage you need, kindly contact us.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Hello Clive,
    I’m wondering if there are any bundle packages including the premium ultra and 2 of the U1 portable second edition.


    1. Hello Jim. Great idea! We’ll make up a variation that includes the Premium Ultra and two U1’s at a 10% volume discount. In the meantime you can order “a la cart”, choose the Premium Ultra and 2 pc of the U1 Portables and use our one-time 10% discount code: bsz10. This will give you the same price as the new suggested Bundle.

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